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Group presentation

The Flexible and Sustainable Interaction Lab (LIFeS, in its Portuguese acronym) brings together a group of researchers interested in improving and finding new ways of developing interactive computer systems that can be used, and make sense, for the largest possible number of users, in an universal and non-discriminatory way. The group believes that one way of addressing the diverse interaction requirements is through the flexibility inherent to software solutions.

The group has also initiated research on sustainability in software and hardware solutions. Sustainability is the term given to the practice of consuming, ensuring that anything will be missing in the future. More than the environmental aspect, the sustainability issue also involves social and economic aspects. Computers have a central role in the sustainability thematic and are increasingly present in daily life, which favors the dissemination of information on a large scale and may be a useful as a tool for raising awareness, mobilizing and promoting behavior change in favor of sustainability. Moreover, the computational solutions are commodity and impact on sustainability issues, requiring a rethinking of our design, development and disposal practices.

From this perspective, we must find solutions to user interfaces that help users to improve the relationship between individuals and to their surroundings, including the environment and technology solutions in an intelligent and sustainable way. The group also believes that the role of the designer in a developing sustainable society is not only to create sustainable products, but also foreseen products, processes and services that encourage responsible consumption and sustainable behavior.

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