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Associate Professor

Name: Vânia Paula de Almeida Neris
Memorial (Curriculum Lattes, in Portuguese):
Contact: vania[at]dc[dot]ufscar[dot]br
Research themes: Human-Computer Interaction, design and evaluation of interactive computer systems, flexible interfaces, emotional aspects in interaction with computational solutions, sustainable computing and computer assisted education.
Personal page:

PhD students

Name: Kamila Rios da Hora Rodrigues (co-orientation)
Memorial (Curriculum Lattes, in Portuguese:
Contact: kamila_rodrigues[at]dc[dot]ufscar[dot]br
Research themes: interaction in the digital TV, additional content, appreciation.
Projects: Interaction with additional multimedia content to support the television programs assessment; Design, Development and Evaluation of Therapeutic Games; Elderly and the Interacting Discovery with Information and Communication Technologies.

Name: Leonardo Botega (co-orientation)
Memorial (Curriculum Lattes, in Portuguese):
Research themes: information visualization, Human-Computer Interaction and image processing.
Project: A Model for Situation Awareness User Interfaces.

MSc students

Name: Franco Eusébio Garcia
Memorial (Curriculum Lattes, in Portuguese):
Contact: franco.garcia[at]dc[dot]ufscar[dot]br
Research themes: games, engine, Universal Design, accessibility.
Projects: An Engine for Universally Accessible Games; Design, Development and Evaluation of Therapeutic Games.
Financing: FAPESP (2012/22539-6)

Name: Marcel Teruo Nakamine
Research themes: sustainability, metrics.
Project: An Evaluation Model for Sustainability Aspects in Software Solutions.

Name: Maria Carolina de Souza Santos
Memorial (Curriculum Lattes, in Portuguese):
Research themes: emotions, Semiotics.
Project: A Study of Emotions in Human-Computer Interactions Adopting a Semiotics Perspective.

Name: Renata Germano Bianchi
Memorial (Curriculum Lattes, in Portuguese):
Research themes: design, emotions.
Personal page:
Project: A Study on User Interfaces Design Considering Emotional Aspects.

Name: Tatiana Silva de Alencar
Memorial (Curriculum Lattes, in Portuguese):
Contact: tatidealencar[at]dc[dot]ufscar[dot]br
Research themes: Ubiquituous Computing, user profile model, flexibility.
Personal page:
Project: Who Am I? - Collection, Modeling and Provision of User Profiles for Ubiquituous Computing.

Undergraduate projects

Name: Alessandra de Souza Camargo
Project: A digital game to support the education of adolescents with cognitive disabilities.

Name: Carlos Alberto de Araújo Barreto
Project: Simulation of a ubiquitous computing environment: a study with different users profiles in a smart kitchen.

Name: Eduardo Noronha
Project: Developing a digital game aimed for children with and without hearing loss.

Name: Elivelton Sorato
Project: An importing service data from Facebook to make user profiles for Ubiquitous Computing.
Financing: FAPESP (2013/24623-7)

Name: Flávia Moraes
Project: A flexible game for teaching languages to children with different interaction needs.

Name: Frederico Cominato
Project: A heart rate meter for the user emotional experience evaluation.

Name: Ilgner Vieira
Project: A music player sensitive to the user emotional state.

Name: Lucas Bocanegra
Project: A Digital Therapy Game to Assist in the Rehabilitation of Depression Patients.

Name: Luciano Machado
Project: An inclusive ubiquitous computing application to a bus stop.

Name: Marcos Vinicius Azevedo da Silva
Project: User Interfaces Front-end Design for Therapeutic Games.

Name: Pedro Henrique Garcia
Project: A digital game for users with and without visual impairment.

Name: Thiago Bretas
Project: A study of persuasion aspects in the digital games design.

Name: Vinícius Gonçalves de Carvalho
Project: A persuasive therapeutic digital game to support the treatment of young drug addicts.
Financing: Jovens Talentos.


Name: Rogério Aparecido Campanari Xavier (MSc)
Project: A Hybrid Approach for the User Emotional Experience Evaluation.

Name: Letícia Yanes
Project: An accessible communication enviroment for my school (High school project).